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Ever wondered what those little brushes are called? Well, if you don't, they're called Kabuki brushes! :) You use them to apply powder products on your face as a substitute for big fluffy powder brushes. The difference? Not that much. Just the head shape and the short stem. In addition, Kabuki brushes tend to make powder or mineral products stick more on your face. Plus, you can use it for liquid foundations too! Because of its size and shape, it is excellent for applying products in a strong blunt curve. Kabuki brushes are a must-have tool whether you're a professional makeup artist, a fashionista, or just someone who likes to experiment with new makeup techniques.

A brief history of the Kabuki:

The name kabuki comes from a classical Japanese drama defined by actors who wear heavy, elaborate makeup.

These are the Kabuki brushes that I own. As I will show the pictures to you, I'm gonna give a quick review of each.

MAC 182

At first, I loved this brush. It was dense and soft and easy to use. But after some time, it started shedding and the hairs were falling all over the place. I mean, seriously. This is probably one Mac's most expensive brushes yet they don't meet the high standards. Also, it kind of smells over time after washing it several times maybe because it is made of goat hair. (Well hello, most kabukis are made of goat hair.) But still, I'll give it three stars for its performance and  usefulness.

Benefit Kabuki
I don't exactly know what the name of this Kabuki is. Structure wise, I like it because of its softness and it is not harsh on the skin. But, when you wash it, it tends to restructure itself and you can't restore it to its original shape. That's sad :( I'll have to give it 4 stars! 

"unknown name" 
Haha. It's funny how I don't know the brand of this brush. I'm sorry, but it's not my fault why they didn't print their name on the brush! Just kidding. I'll be direct, I'll give this two stars (and that's for the nice little gold handle only). I didn't really like its bristles because it was so hard and structured and it will irritate your face when you try to use it. 

Annabelle Kabuki
I got this free with my Annabelle bronzer. It's tiny compared to other Kabuki brushes. It has the same bristles as the former one so I'd give it 2 stars.

Maybelline Kabuki
I got this for free too after buying a mineralize powder and another one for buying a mineralize blush so I have two of this right now. This is tinier than the Annabelle Kabuki that I have. Imagine how little it is! But yeah, I haven't tried putting this on my face because I'm afraid of its hard bristles. So, I'm giving it a one star.

Too Faced Kabuki 
Too Faced is one of my favorite brands! Not being bias or anything but I love this Kabuki! I got it in a kit together with some primers and trios. You know why  I love this? First of all, It has a pink tip and I obviously love pink! No, just kidding :)) This has the softest synthetic bristles out of all of my Kabukis. Plus, because of its size and structure, it is useful for putting on blush, bronzer, setting powder, everything! Five stars for this baby.

Benefit Hoola's Brush
This was placed inside the Benefit Hoola Bronzer that I bought in which I would say is my most favorite bronzer as of the moment. I actually have another one from my Benefit 10 powder. But, I don't find this useful enough so I'd give it 2 stars.

Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki

Good golly miss molly! I am crazy about Eco tools brushes because all of its brushes have soft bristles. I like this one specifically because it is retractable which is good for traveling.

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