Thursday, December 27, 2012

Instagram Round-up

Christmas lights-filled tree!

Taken at a wedding reception with the theme "Winter Wonderland".

Lo and behold the Winter Wonderland!

At the reception, we had a dance in which we were required to wear
a pair of chucks with our long dresses. 

Presents timeee!

These were the things I got. 
A pair of knock-off Chanel flats which by the way are the
most comfortable things to wear in the planet..and quite pricey too. 
True Religion Jeans. My favorite brand of jeans in the whole entire universe. ;)
Gold Watch. I really asked for this since I have lost or broke my old watches. 
And a white satchel! 

Just a little snapshot before we went to mass on Christmas Eve.

OOTN (outfit of the night) and aftermath.

Nothing beats food. Bon appetit!

A gift from my aunt which screams me :D 

I lost the original copy of the picture so I had to screen cap. 
This is just my room, looking neat. Mind you, it does not always look like that.

I had to screen cap this one too. #Haul from Mango

I had to take a pic of the food, right? Hot Peppermint Mochas are the best,
not the cold ones :(

A special memory from my childhood. I remember asking my mom
why the Golden Gate was not gold. -.- spot me! 

With my big sis and my cousin. This was one of my most memorable trips since
I experienced snow in Chicago for the first time and I got to see the lovely Cherry Blossoms
in Washington :)

Just chillin'..

These, I received! :D

ootd before mass.


Happy Holidays: A picture-filled post

My Christmas Eve Outfit

See how little our gifts are? Those are just decoys my mom had to put so we won't open
our gifts before Christmas :) Also, my mom didn't like to put the real ones because it doesn't match the "theme" of our house". :) oh I love her so much

One of the Holiday Outfits Ideas

Dress- Forever 21
Hair Bow- Forever 21
Tights- Forever 21
Jeffrey Campbell Inspired Shoes- Forever 21

I'm an alien

Long time no post (again). I actually thought that I'd never blog again because 
blogger had a bug that won't let me upload photos. Oh well!
My outfit reminds me of an alien hence, the title. 
Silver metallic bandage skirt- Forever 21
Peplum blouse- Forever 21
Shoes- People are People
Cuff- Forever 21

I do not know what I'm doing in this pic -.-