Monday, December 19, 2011

Easy Scarf Styles

Style your scarf for the cold season

This is the outfit without the scarf. Pieces needed for the look: cardigan(Forever 21), boots(Forever21), scarf (anywhere =D), long graphic tees, tights/leggings(I wore jeggings)..

..and of course, accessories. You can take any kind of accessory that
would spice up you outift. I mixed:a cheetah print bracelet with a heart lock(I love any kind of print), purple bracelet with bow(just to have a little bit of color) and a beige bracelet(to give a neutral touch).

The first scarf look is very simple. But, it can give you sophisticated look just like this. My cardigan has a little "collar" which I used to insert the scarf. All you have to do is find the half of the scarf and effortlessly hang it on your neck, making the ends of the scarf hang. 

 Another effortless look. Simply hang an end of the scarf on one side. Next, make a loop or wrap it around your neck once from back to front to back. Then, hang the remaining end of the scarf in front on the opposite side. You can choose to put a big necklace to give it a more girly look. Tuck in the chain of the necklace and hide it in the scarf, leaving the ornament visible. :)

The last scarf look which is my personal favorite. Take your scarf and fold it in half. Place the scarf in the back of your neck holding both ends on one side and the closed loop on the other. Open the closed loop, insert the ends and pull. Adjust to get desired look. To give it a girly touch, you can add a brooch in the middle/in the intersection of the knot. :)

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