Thursday, July 26, 2012

I miss my long hair!

These photos were taken ages ago, back when I still had my long hair... I miss those days :( But, that's okay. I am planning to do something out of my comfort zone the moment I will 
leave high school. I wonder what that would be? Maybe bleach it?Naaaah. Soon, you'll find out! Anywaaay, back to my outfit. I can't exactly remember where I wore this to or I just probably had a boring day last summer and decided to "play dress-up". I don't like that you?  Well, that's
the only one I can think of.  
Just to clear things up..that's an authentic Chanel bag, but it's not mine. ;) It's my mother's. How on earth will a 16 year-old-school girl have enough money to buy a Chanel bag? lol. But anyway, I just borrowed it without her knowing. 

I look like a mess in this picture :o)

My outfit:
Dress - Debenhams
Sheer Cover-up - Chimes
Handbag - Chanel
Shoes - Zara

And that concludes my post for today. Stay tuned 'cause I have
lots more coming up! :)

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