Thursday, March 15, 2012

Juicy Couture colors!

Hey everyone! Sorry if I have been slacking on posting new blog posts. 
I have been very busy with school work and other non-blog stuff. I promise to make it up to you and make more posts. I know that I have been posting on fashion consecutively, but I also promise to make more reviews and
posts of other beauty-related products. Thank you for reading this post! :)

Anyway, I have been inspired by the Juicy Couture colors in creating this outfit. Brown and Pink. 

Brown Top | Ann Taylor

Skirt | Forever 21

Small blazer/jacket | local store

Sunnies | Forever 21

Black sequinned heels | Dorothy Perkins

Purse | Accessorize 

I had a fun time taking pictures that is why I stated jumping all over the place :)

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